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  12 week online Journey to Joyful Womanhood   

  “Experience the FUN of being a WOMAN, own your feminine GIFTS and discover the EASE of being unapologetically YOU”

This course is designed for you if:


Celebrating your unique feminine expression feels uncomfortable to you and you’d like to change that


You wish to feel more alive, playful & to enjoy life more


You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and compare yourself to others


You long to feel safer with yourself & others and wish to trust yourself more


Living in your head feels safer than in the rest of your body, listening to its wisdom is challenging


You would love to allow yourself more guilt-free pleasures


You do not dare to shine your light fully, shamelessly and unapologetically


You want to feel self-confident, worthy and empowered as a woman


Embracing your emotions is difficult and you never feel quite good enough 


You want to expand in self-love & self-care to live your best life


Taking time for yourself doesn’t feel natural to you, being busy all the time does


You are very good at giving, not so good in receiving


You’re having a hard time with setting boundaries and tend to put others first on your list of priorities


You are ready to take full responsibility for your life & well-being

Dearest Woman

I’m Kinga and my biggest passion in life is to help you thrive in your feminine body. The list above is literally a description of myself from years back, cut off from my feminine essence and emotions…

Born in Poland in 1982 during times of civil war,  having experienced domestic violence in my early years with an alcoholic dad, who was a soldier – I had ‘learned’ quickly that being a woman was not safe.

I became a tough young tomboy lady, looking strong for the outside world, but covering deep pain, a vulnerable heart and insecurities. I was confused in my body, longed to soften and was afraid to live fully…

My life so far has been an ongoing exploration and learning in breaking the chains of the past, freeing myself from old conditioning, experiencing that love and forgiveness really is the only way and in creating the life of my dreams. In exploring my female landscapes & landing in my feminine nature, in owning my power and the gifts of being a woman.

But mostly in embodying the full spectrum of my female expression, light & dark, sacred & profane, sweet & fiery and seeing them all as meaningful.

Since 2015 I have been (co)leading Women Circles, Retreats and a Year Training for women. I am a devoted reiki practitioner and since 2013 also a yoga teacher and my classes are very much YIN oriented these days, with the focus on deepening the feminine qualities in us all.

Coming back to my heart & owning my amazingness bits by bits resulted in remembering the innate joy of being alive. Sharing it with others makes me very happy.

This online course is the fruit of my explorations, filled with basic tools, that helped me come back home to myself and my joyful feminine nature.

  “Deciding to participate in WAF was the best choice I have made! I joined this course because of Kinga, because I trust her and what she does, and had no deeper understanding of the course itself. I decided to go with the flow and believed that the right things would come to me. Today I can only say: Oh my God!! YES, YES, YES to this course!! I am so happy that I dared to take that step and opened myself up for this journey. It was as if a completely new world opened up for me, and every week I learned more new things and discovered more insights for myself. I feel as if I have been woken up by this course, shaken back to life, finding joy and excitement for life again. I can truly say I fell ALIVE thanks to this course! There are not enough words to express how much I would recommend it to others, because I believe there is so much value in it for every single woman out there! I have the greatest appreciation and gratitude towards Kinga for creating WAF and giving opportunities to other women to take part in all of this amazing knowledge.

~ Kristine ~  (Latvia/Sweden, living in NL) ~

The Fruits of this work

Feeling happier, healthier and more relaxed in your own skin

Being in touch with your emotions, desires and the ability to access & express them with more ease

Falling in love with your true authentic self and having more confidence in living & sharing it

Experiencing more flow, effortlessness, joy, aliveness in daily life

Feeling greater self appreciation & pleasure of being in a feminine body

Setting boundries effortlessly & naturally, from a place of worth & confidence 

Experiencing a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and from there with those around you

Being proud to be a woman, sprinkling your feminine essence like fairy dust wherever you go

Being in connection to the wisdom of your body and your intuition 

Owning your sensuality, power and vulnerability and embracing all that you are and feel, more easily 

Feeling grounded in your heart and leading your life from there

Filling your own cup first, so you can share love from an overflowing abundance

This course has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me connect to and love myself, to ask and listen to what my body needs, and to both feel and flow with my emotions. It’s given me stillness in the storm. Even the moments when life got the best of me, I learned through noticing my boundaries and listening to them, and put my health first. I’ve gained more than I’d ever hoped. I couldn’t be more grateful to Kinga for putting together such a well thought out course, and for sharing with us without it ever becoming preachy or anything along those lines.

~ Maxime ~ (the Netherlands) ~

Participant of the Women Alive Pilot Course




Week 1: SAFETY

Grounding & Unwinding



Week 2: BODY

Body love & Body wisdom




EXTRA in betwYIN  

Rest & Digest




 Movement & Inner child




Sensuality & Joy




EXTRA in betwYIN  

Rest & Digest




Boundaries & Your NO 




Radiance & Your YES




EXTRA in betwYIN  

Rest & Digest



Week 10: SELF LOVE

Self-care & Receptivity




Vulnerability & Connection




EXTRA in betwYIN  

Rest & Digest


~ “Welcome ~ how to get around” video

~ topic introduction & in-depth videos

~ theory & worksheets & poems of each week

~ weekly mini ‘homeworks‘ to focus on 

~ embodiment video practices/ meditation             audios (downloadable)

~ yin yoga weekly videos ( 1h )

~ 3x Guest Teacher live Masterclass

~ 4x live morning dance breaks (20min)

~ Private FB group to share & inspire

~ 6 group Zoom meetings of 75min

~ BONUS: morning practices (video/audio) 5 min

~ BONUS: 8x long Spotify playlists


All weekly material is set up in a logical order to do, but it is totally up to you to find your own rhythm and pace. 


*special may offer*


You are looking for a quick fix.

Certain things may, but most things usually don’t change overnight. Habits that have taken years to develop won’t change instantly and need your awareness & time. We are creating new behaviours & states of being together – that to be lasting – need your commitment, dedication, practice and repetition.

You are not willing to commit a minimum of 1,5 hours a week to the course.

Transformation will not happen on its own. The amount of energy you put into something equals the results. Less than 1,5 hours will not work. You need to be willing to grow more than any of your excuses not to. Otherwise, in times of challenge, you will not have enough inner resources to expand beyond your comfort zone and we will not have a good time together.

You are not ready to take full responsibility for your life and want me to do the work for you.

I can’t. It’s your life. Staying in a victim position is something i know far too well. Until i understood that no one but me holds the key to my happiness. It took me years to get there though, so please, have an honest look at your readiness and be kind to yourself if you discover you are not. This course will run again.

You expect me to be perfect.

I am not. I’m also not your guru. I’m more like a pilot taking you to your destination. How you experience the journey and in which state you arrive there at the end of twelve weeks, is mostly up to you. I may not have all the answers to your questions. My task here is to support you in finding your own answers, your own truth within yourself.

You hesitate.

If this course is right for you & this is your time ~ you will know it! There may be fear or insecurity, but the deep knowing that this is exactly what you need to do now – is stronger than any doubt! It’s just like with shopping clothes: when in doubt – no buying! You can’t do this half heartedly. You’re either fully in, or not in at all.

You have a lot of experience with ‘women work’.

This course is meant as a foundation, giving a basic understanding of the feminine energy. It is also meant as a basis upon which I will build upcoming, more in depth courses. These might be more appropriate for advanced feminine embodiment practitioners. Deepening your roots by revisiting what you already know can still be very beneficial though. Making a proper estimation in that matter ~ is fully up to you.

WAF course is FUN and challenging at the same time. I’ve learnt to bring consciousness to everyday actions and relaxation. Eating chocolate or even sitting on the couch doing nothing with conscious mind and body has a way different dimension for me now. I discovered that the course is not only about womanhood and femininity, I’ve found in the material things about motherhood too. As a mother of two children it made me aware of some issues. I believe that every woman of different age, backgrounds, moments in life – will find in this course things that will serve her best. Kinga showed me the path that I fell in love with and desire to follow. It doesn’t happen by itself though, you have to choose yourself and take actions to feel and be alive in your life. There’ve been ups and downs during the course, some of the exercises were difficult for me, nevertheless Kinga was always there for me. The energy of this precious woman, her voice and the way she explains the content of every module and lesson is like honey for the soul and body, it’s a magical music for ears.

All in all – the course hasn’t been only easy, but it still was fun to find the feminine side of myself. Making an effort with the guidance of Kinga will sure bring you to feeling alive!

~ Karolina Neczynska ~  (Poland) ~

Participant of Women Alive Pilot Course


When does the WAF course start & end?

You will get one-year access to the course. During this time it is up to you when and how long you will do each module.

Before each session, you will get a link from me to choose the best time for you to book a session.

What are the dates of private sessions?

Before each session, you will get a link from me to choose the best time for you to book a session.

What is Reiki and how does a Reiki session work?

Reiki means “universal life force/energy” and is a healing modality originated in Japan. The Reiki practitioner places her hands in particular hand positions (always the same) on the body of the person undergoing the treatment and lets the healing Reiki energy flow into the body. The session takes about 70 minutes. There are live, so called ‘hands on sessions’ and ‘distance sessions’ possible.

A Reiki session works on all layers of your being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, bringing you exactly what your system needs to be supported. Results are usually: deep relaxation, insights, unblocking of the energy flow, higher energy levels, better sleep. During a Reiki treatment we can be quiet and let the energy do the work in silence, but we can also talk about certain topics if that is what comes up. Each session is different in that matter. I was initiated in my first Reiki grade (Usui Shiki Ryoho) in January 2010 by Reiki master Marcel Vis and got my second grade in August 2018.  I have been actively practicing this system ever since and am a big fan of its working. It has truly changed my life.

From the four Reiki sessions that are in the “EXTRA” package, the first one needs to be a ‘hands on’ session. The rest can then either be live or distance treatments. This means you’d need to travel to The Hague where i live for at least the first session at my place.

Do i need to have experience with personal development, yoga or meditation?

No. There is no previous experience required and everyone can join at their own level. It is important to realise that we will be working with the body & mind connection and you need to be willing to investigate your inner world and your feelings on a regular basis. If this is something you don’t like, it can be challenging to participate.

Is this course like a therapy group?

No. The WAF course is created to keep you awake, ignite change & initiate personal transformation. It is not meant as a replacement of proper therapy. Its online structure and resources are too limited for that. However it can definitely be great to do this course in combination with extra external support within your own resources.

One of the modules is about sensuality? What do you mean by that?

Sensuality to me means the connection to our sensory cognition, the capacity to be fully present in the now through our senses and our ability to fully receive and enjoy our sensations. Some people confuse it with sexuality. To me these are two different themes. Even though sexuality can be sensual, sensuality in itself doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sexuality.

I am pregnant, is it ok for me to join?

Yes. We are working with deepening the connection to our feminine energy, which can be beneficial during pregnancy. However, if you know there can be blockages or trauma hidden in your system that can be touched when we go deeper,  it can be better to join the course after the pregnancy. The physical practices are safe, but if there are poses better to be avoided by pregnant women in my yoga videos – i will always mention modification options.  

I take anti depression medication, is that a problem?

In the WAF course we are slowing down to unwind our nervous system, so we can feel ourselves on a deeper level. Medication usually suppresses feelings, but feelings are exactly what we want to dive into these eight weeks. The question is what kind of medication and how much. I’d recommend you contact me personally so we can talk and see what can work in your best interest. In combination with professional help next to the course it can work greatly, but sometimes it is better to wait with participating until you are on less or completely off medication.

Why do we only work with four chakras, if there are seven?

The four lower chakras form a foundation for the higher chakras (and everything else in our system) to work properly. Just like a tree needs strong roots to grow higher, we also can expand more in consciousness when we are grounded in our bodies. In this first WAF course we will focus on strengthening this foundation, which in my eyes is the core work in connecting with the feminine energy. 

I have decided to create two separate, shorter courses that built upon each other, rather than one long course.

In the next course ~ a continuation of WAF (autumn 2022) ~ we will focus on the upper half of our chakra system, starting at the heart and working our way up. It will have the same set up: an 8-week course, working 2 weeks with each module. The course will only be available for women who have previously participated in WAF 1.

How long will i have access to the online material?

You will have access to the online material for one year. I have chosen for this time limit, as the experience has learned that with a time pressure more people actually finish the course. The audio material is downloadable, which gives you the freedom to come back to it whenever you want. You will get 50% discount for all the future rounds & versions of the course (& live online meetings). 

Will WAF run again in the future ?

Yes, it is planned for the spring 2023 again.

What are the exact dates of the live masterclasses & live dance breaks (20min)?

Masterclass 1: MODULE 2 ~ YONI POWER ~ Corine Lavrijssen ~ 08/05/2022, 19.30-21.00

Masterclass 2: MODULE 3 ~ INNER QUEENDOM ~ Humita Kanhai ~ 29/05/2022, 19.30-21.00

Masterclass 3: MODULE 4 ~ INNER MASCULINE ~ Wendy Tacoma ~ 19/06/2022, 19.30-21.00

Morning Dance Breaks:

04/05, 25/05, 15/06, 06/06 ~ 09.00-09.20 on Zoom

Why is there only access for one year?

As experience have shown, shorter access to the course gives way more motivation to actually follow & finish all the modules. I am mostly excited about the transformations that happen when you actively take part in it and will do anything to accomodate that, to the most of my abilities. I have made most material downloadable though, so you can alwasy listen to it in the future 🙂 !